The Artistic Mission:
”To ”See”. To create (do) things with color. My paintings are a message for the beholder to ”See”. They are a meeting with the one who wants to share a common value (or common ground). They are a call to the one who is willing to experience (get) a feeling. Color is my medium. Art is to See.”
Member in KRO, L´Association des Artistes en Suéde (The Association of Artists in Sweden) as well as the The Scania Artists Club. 
The Scania Painting School, Malmö 1962
The Painting School Forum, Malmö 1965
University College of Arts Crafts and Design (Konstfack) Stockholm 1966 – 71  
Scania’s Art Association 1975
Trotzig 1978  
Contemporary Exhibitions:
Trotzig-exhibition Malmö Museum 1978
Liljevalchs Spring Salon Stockholm 1979
Gambro Art Association, Lund 1979
Ingemar Hyllberg Exhibition/ Revinge 1979
Kristianstad Museum/Scania’s Artist Club 1982
Gallery Scania Art, Malmö, 1982
Gallery Gerthel, Malmö 1986 – 1987
Gallery Scania’s Art Minisalon 1987
Skanska 1988
Station Skelderhus 1989
Gallery Borgstugan/Trollenäs Castle 1996
VSKG/Alnarp 1997 – 2004
Häckeberga Castle 2001
Marsvinsholm Castle 2004
Krapperups Castle Art Gallery/Musuem/Kullasalongen
2005, 2007, 2008 
The Hagestad Bohemian Group/Österlen
1998 – 2007
Väsby Art Gallery & Museum/Winter Salon 2006
Gallery Frida, Kyrkhult 2007 
Alfa Laval, Lund 2007
Gallery Lorentzon, Stockholm 2008
Lomma Art Association, 2008
Gallery Opus, Borgeby 2008 
Jager & Jansson Gallery, Lund 2009
Billinge Gallery 2009
Art Copenhagen 2009
Art Helsinki 2009 
Lorentzon Gallery, Stockholm 2010
Sjöhästen Gallery, Nyköping 2010